Investment planning

In order to maintain competitiveness and maximise profitability, most companies will periodically confront the need for investment, with the aim to improve operational efficiency. This is particularly true today, with fast-moving developments in technology.

Toyota is also recognising opportunities to change, implementing automation progressively in many parts of the business, and taking advantage of connectivity. The key to success, however, is to ensure that each process is carefully assessed and is as optimised as possible before committing to investment.

We recognise that many of our customers are confronting similar challenges as they plan for the future. We also recognise the many of our customers would benefit from improving their processes before heavily investing in automation. That's why we investigate together how prepared your processes are for automation from a lean perspective. This is based on our own experience improving the processes in our factories significantly before now installing automation.

The Lean Academy's investment planning services provide lean expert assessment and advice to ensure that lean principles are evaluated, ensuring maximum quality and added value as the end result.

Investment planning requires on average 5 -10 days spent with Toyota Lean advisors.

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